After a year of uncertainty, we are ready to re-emerge. This retreat is super meaningful because as you know, we have been in a global pandemic for over 14 months with limited opportunities to gather in groups. With the outside world opening back up and the transition back to life as we knew it starting to come back, it's time to re-emerge. This is a retreat that I will be hosting in my new home for the very first time.

Starting June 11th at 5 pm and ending June 13th at 12 pm, we will take the time to really process and digest what the past 14 months brought, as well as explore how you have changed, what you learnt about yourself, and work through tools for how to re-emerge just a little wiser, just a little bit more thoughtful and a slightly better version of yourself. You will get the opportunity to meet and connect with an amazing group of women and be supported by some of LA's best wellness practitioners.

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